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AC units Perfect for Fort Worth’s Unique Climate

The climate in Fort Worth is generally humid and can get rather hot during the summer when temperatures reach 100 degrees or higher. The winters, on the other hand, are rather mild, although residents sometimes experience below-freezing temperatures during the coldest months, January in particular.

With this kind of climate, you will need to buy air conditioner in Fort Worth, Texas that can deal with everything the weather can throw in your direction. Shop for such a system at new ac/hvac units logo, and we’ll provide you an HVAC unit that will keep you and your family cool during peak summer weather, and warm and toasty when the temperature drops. For greater energy efficiency, choose a unit with a higher SEER rating to get air conditioning that will cool or warm your home and save you money at the same time.

A Beautiful City That Has To Be Experienced

Fort Worth has so much to offer in terms of must-visit spots. The Fort Worth Botanic Garden alone is worth every minute of your time. The authentic artifacts at the Log Cabin Village, meanwhile, offer you a glimpse into the lifestyle of 19th century Texans. If you like vintage aircraft, drop by the Vintage Flying Museum and see an iconic airplane such as the B-29 Superfortress up close.

There’s so much to see and experience in Fort Worth that it would be a travesty if you have to spend a lot of your free time shopping around for an air conditioner, and calling contractors and setting up appointments just so you can get a quote. Visit us at new ac/hvac units logo, and you will have more time to experience Fort Worth and everything it has to offer.

With us, you’ll have access to a much more convenient way of ac unit shopping. Shop at new ac/hvac units logo, and there’ll be no more frustrating calls to multiple contractors for a quote, and no more up charges or hidden fees. All you’ll get is transparent, upfront pricing, with a wide range of air conditioning units from which to choose. You will also benefit from the professional installation that comes with each purchase. Your new AC unit will be installed by a licensed contractor vetted and hand-picked by us. There’s no easier way to shop for Fort Worth new ac units than what we’re offering.

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Step 1: Choose the type of unit you want.

There are two types of central air conditioning units: package and split. Both serve the same function of cooling and heating your entire home, but are set up a bit differently.

Package Unit

Think of this as an all-in-one unit. With this type of HVAC system, the air handler and condenser are part of the same unit. Units are mounted either on the roof or on the ground.

Split Systems

Split systems consist of two separate units which are connected by a refrigeration line. One unit contains the air handler and the other houses the condenser.

Step 2: Heat Source.

After you choose a package or split unit, select the appropriate heat source for your home. Just choose gas or electric.

Gas Furnaces

Homes that are heated by a furnace use natural gas or propane as a fuel source.

Electric AC or Heat Pump

Electric straight ac units operate with heat strips.  They are basic air conditioning for the summer and then use electric heat strips to heat your home in the winter.  A heat pump is a refrigeration system used to either heat or cool an area. In the summer, the heat pump will extract warm air from inside the home to keep an area cool. In the winter, it will extract cold air from indoors and convert the cold air from outside into warm air to heat the home. heat pump is a refrigeration system used to either heat or cool an area. In the summer, the heat pump will extract warm air from inside the home to keep an area cool. In the winter, it will extract cold air from indoors and convert the cold air from outside into warm air to heat the home.

Step 3: Select the Tonnage

An air conditioner’s size is measured in tons. The tonnage you need for your home is easy to calculate at new ac/hvac units logo. All you need to know is the square footage of your home.

Step 4: Choose your Unit

Once you’ve made it through the first three steps, it’s time to get down to the fun part, choosing your new unit! We’ll show you a great selection of air conditioning units that meet all the specifications your home requires.

Step 5: Easy Check out

After you checkout, within 8 hours your install contractor will contact you to get everything set up. With new ac/hvac units logo, you can leave all your fears behind because we have a list of highly-reliable air conditioning specialists for you. All of our hand-picked contractors are licensed, bonded, insured and properly vetted. You can rest easy knowing your new ac unit was installed by a highly-qualified professional, assuring it will run smoothly for years to come. Getting our contractors to install your ac is also the best way to validate its manufacturer’s warranty.

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