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How Buying a New AC Online Works

At , we are changing the way customers buy air conditioning units.

The bottom line is that we make it affordable and easy.

Save thousands of dollars and avoid the time it takes calling around to different contractors and scheduling appointments just to get a quote. Here, you get the price including installation, by a licensed contractor, all up front.

Step 1

Choose Split System or Package System

Package System

Is a system that contains both the condenser and the air handler in one “package”. These units sit on the ground or rooftop ouside of your home or business.

Split System

Is made up of two units: an outside unit, referred to as the condenser, and an inside unit, usually referred to as the “air handler”. Refrigerant lines known as a “lineset” connect these two units.


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Step 2

Choose Electric/Heat Pump or Gas Heat Source

No sweat. Just choose electric or gas when you are shopping the site.


Straight ac units are basic air conditioning. Heat strips are added to give a system the ability to heat in the winter. An electric heat pump uses refrigerant to both cool and heat the home.

Gas Furnace

Gas systems burn natural gas for heat inside a furnace. If you receive a monthly gas bill, chances are you have a gas furnace.


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Step 3

Choose what is the needed Tonnage / Size?

The square footage estimator is generally accurate to picking the correct unit size. Keep in mind, every purchase has a pre-install job site inspection where your contractor will be able to verify that you ordered the correct unit, or make any necessary changes to insure you are replacing the correct unit size.

Square Footage

  • 600-800sf
  • 800-1,000sf
  • 1,000-1,200sf
  • 1,200-1,400sf
  • 1,500-1,700sf
  • 1,800-2,000sf
  • 2,100-2,500sf


  • 1.5 Tons
  • 2 Tons
  • 2.5 Tons
  • 3 Tons
  • 3.5 Tons
  • 4 Tons
  • 5 Tons

NOTE: If you have multiple AC unit on your home, you can use the same square footage estimator based on how much area each unit covers.


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Step 4

See the results and choose your new air conditioner! more brand name ac units coming soon!

We’ll show you a great selection air conditioners in the size and tonnage you choose. We will also show you all your options on SEER ratings from the minimum of 14 to the maximum available. You simply pick the unit you want and check out. It’s as easy as shopping for anything else online.

Still have questions?

Check our in-depth air conditioner buyer's guide.

Don’t worry… Prior to your installation, your licensed contractor does a pre-job site inspection to make sure everything you bought is just right for your home, or they’ll make any necessary corrections.

Step 5

Checkout and your contractor will contact you set up your installation.

Choose the unit that is right for you, review your cart purchase and proceed to checkout. Within 8 hours your Licensed Install Contractor will contact you for your job site inspection. During the inspection, the right equipment is verified and your installation date will be set.

Sometimes, doing the right thing for customers means changing the way the game is played.

That’s exactly what we set out to do when we created

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