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The Easiest Way to Buy a New AC Unit in Austin

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The Best Way to Buy New Air Conditioners in Austin

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There’s simply no easier and more convenient way to buy new AC in Austin than with the help of!

Calling many different contractors just to get a quote for the best new AC units Austin offers can be stressful. With, that’s all in the past. If there’s something you need to know about a new AC unit, from its specifications to its price, you can find it all within minutes of browsing our site. Doing so also gives you the chance to have your new AC unit professionally installed by the licensed contractors we work with exclusively. With us, shopping for the best new AC unit Austin can provide is now at your fingertips with 5 easy steps.

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AC Units Just Right for the Warm Weather in Austin

In a city where peak summer heat can exceed a hundred degrees, the best units that in Austin, TX can offer are a lifesaver. You can be sure that no matter how hot and humid our weather gets, you will have an air conditioner that can help you battle the heat.

Aside from having a reliable AC unit that can perform optimally through high temperatures, you will also have an efficient air conditioner. Take a look at the AC units we provide and you will see that it bears a numerical SEER rating that states its level of efficiency. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the unit is. Since federal regulations require new ACs to have a SEER rating of 14, it is a certainty that your old unit, which was probably manufactured a decade ago, is much less efficient than your new one will be.

Austin has mild winters, but weather is known to drop below freezing in the coldest months of winter. Fortunately for you, you can rest assured that the HVAC unit you will get from us has a heating source that’s both reliable and efficient.

Experience more of Austin

As one of the Lone Star state’s most beautiful cities, Austin is a point of pride for Texans who say that their Capitol building is taller than our nation’s Capitol building in Washington D.C. The Austonian Tower is also a major landmark of downtown Austin, and when originally built was the tallest residential building west of the Mississippi. With all the things Austin has to offer, it would be such a pity to not be able to explore them all because you’re too busy calling up contractors so that you can get a halfway-decent quote for your new air conditioner. This method of shopping for an AC unit, to be honest, should be declared obsolete. Buying from AC wholesalers like is the way to go now.

Say goodbye to hidden charges or hidden fees by unscrupulous contractors, and say hello to the transparent and upfront pricing that we have to offer. Buy your new AC unit from us, and you will also benefit from the professional installation that will be provided by any of our properly vetted and hand-picked licensed contractors.

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See how easy it is to buy a new air conditioner in Austin today and if you have questions, just chat with us or call at 1-800-NEW-UNIT.

We are proud to replace and install new air conditioners throughout other areas in Texas: Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Beaumont.