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If you want the easiest and most economical way to buy an air conditioner in San Antonio, Texas, you don’t have to look any further than!

Shopping for a new AC unit used to take a lot of effort and time. You had to spend hours of your day contacting many contractors to get a quote and only hope to make the right decision. At, all you have to do is match up your old unit and choose from a list of our pre-screened licensed contractors to make sure your new air conditioner gets professionally installed.

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AC Units Just Right for the Warm Weather in San Antonio

Like most of Texas, San Antonio can bring the heat! In fact, we have over 220 days of sun per year and a temperature that easily hits the 90s. The AC units that we offer are all designed to perform optimally in intense weather.

Our summers are quite hot and humid, which is why we all need a reliable central air conditioning unit that can hold its own against the punishing heat. It also needs to be efficient, and that’s why every unit in our selection has a numerical SEER rating which indicates how efficient it is. A higher SEER rating means better efficiency. Newer units also tend to be more efficient than one manufactured ten years ago. After all, all new air conditioning units must have a SEER rating of 14 or higher in accordance with federal regulations.

If you buy at, you can also be sure that the HVAC unit you choose has a reliable and efficient heating source.

Less Time Shopping for an AC, More Time to Explore San Antonio

San Antonio is one of the largest cities in Texas. Home to The Alamo and the Spanish Governor’s Palace, San Antonio contains some pivotal U.S. landmarks. Just driving a few blocks will reveal modern high rises mingled with historic buildings as well as single family homes of all kinds.

There is so much to see and do in San Antonio, and it would be a waste to spend a significant part of your time shopping for a much-needed air conditioning unit the traditional way. When you shop with us, you can forget about having to call around to multiple contractors trying to get a reasonable quote. You can also say goodbye to the additional charges or hidden fees that many contractors usually sneak into your bill. 

With, you are assured of transparent and upfront pricing. Each purchase you make with us also comes with a professional installation performed by a licensed contractor that we have personally vetted and hand-picked. Start shopping for the best new AC San Antonio can provide!

Begin Your AC Unit Shopping Adventure Now

At, you’ll see just how easy and convenient it is to shop for San Antonio new AC units. You can chat us online, or call us at 1-800-NEW-UNIT.

We are proud to replace and install new air conditioners throughout other areas in Texas: Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Corpus Christi, Beaumont.

Roxane Allen
I was in need of a new AC unit. My current HVAC maintenance company provided me a quote for $10,170. I searched the Internet for other options and came across The website was very easy to navigate through. I called them and they were able to answer all my questions. I ordered the exact Goodman unit online. They came out the next day and did their site inspection. They had contracted Martin Air to do the install for me 8 days later. Martin Air had completely installed my new AC unit in 3 hours time. NewACUnit and Martin Air were very professional, friendly, and a huge cost savings for me. I had saved $4,089 going with them for the exact AC unit, warranty, etc. Give them a call you won’t be disappointed.
Michelle Hampton
I called for my home and I saved two thousand dollars. They were professional and helpful. I have another property and I will definitely use them when it's time to replace the next AC unit. I would recommend them to my family and friends because of the money I saved and they were quick to get the unit installed. I am very happy with them!! Great company!
Valerie Marsh
Went through them to purchase our new unit, long overdue! Super easy to use website that walks you through choosing the best unit with easy to answer questions, the BEST sales pitch! I got to take as long as I wanted to look through and decide without having a salesperson pressure me into something I didn't want or couldn't afford! The whole process took about 10 min at max. A very nice rep contacted me a few days later to ensure the contractor had reached out and answered any and all questions I had. I feel very safe and comfortable with my purchase so far. Would HIGHLY recommend to any homeowner! It's easier and safer than you think!
Cory Schwitek
Everything about this company from start to finish was very professional and pleasing. The entire team has been very personable and a pleasure to work with! Also, the amount of savings from other quotes I received was very sufficient. I would recommend this company to everyone.
Gloria Diaz
When I called the office, Cathy was very patient and explained everything fully. I asked if she could recommend an installer that would not try to upsell me as I am a single woman and don’t know anything about HVAC units. She set me up with an installer who was fabulous! NewACunit’s prices were so much better than anyone else’s and I was treated with respect. I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat! In fact, I just recommended them to my boss this morning
Sharon Carr
AC replacement is a BIG deal. So many quotes were out of my budget, with research I was lucky to find Half the price, so I was able to get a top of the line unit. The communication was timely and supportive. ❤️ This company is so pleasant to work with. Don't hesitate to purchase through them!
Colby Ashton
I had a couple of traditional HVAC companies out for a quote. The sticker shock was significant. So I did some more research and found NewACUnit. The website was extremely easy to navigate and someone from NewACUnit was always available to answer questions and follow up throughout the process to make sure the installers were performing. The best part was the savings. I saved ~25% over the cheapest quote from the other HVAC guys and more than 32% for the most expensive quote.
Chris Heronemus
I had heard advertisements on the radio but was skeptical as to whether this was a legit company or if they were going to try the bait and switch. But with AC systems being as expensive as they are, I thought I would check them out. I called and talked to someone who actually lives in the Valley and she was very nice and answered all my questions and really put me at ease. I placed an order after shopping around and they called quickly and said that one of their installers would be in contact soon. Within a couple hours, they had contacted me and were out the same day to check everything out. They made suggestions but there was no pressure to do anything I did not want to do and were honest about what I "could do" and what I really "should do". They were flexible and quick and had my AC installed in a couple days.