Best AC Units For Hot Climates  

August 31, 2020

Living in a hot climate can truly be a double-edged sword for many people. You may have eliminated the cloudy days and biting winds, but the trade-off of a particularly scorching day can feel every bit as uncomfortable.

The key to getting through those high-noon temperatures is creating an indoor environment that will welcome you in from the blazing sun. We’ll look at the best possible air conditioning units that can stand up to the pressure even when the thermometer goes through the roof.

Whether you’re looking for a portable, window, or central AC, has learned a thing or two about the individual needs of buyers who are no longer surprised by triple digits.

A Quick Buyer’s Guide

Before we jump into individual units, we’ll give you a few tips as to how buyers should approach their journey.


Since hot climates are going to need continuous cooling, the primary goal behind your purchase should be energy efficiency. An air conditioner that will only be used for guests or during the month of August won’t necessarily pay off over time (although the environment will certainly thank you even if your utility bills don’t).

Dual Purpose

Split air conditioners are the top choice for new homes because they are built for intense days and they’re easy to maintain. The unit is easy to get to for servicing, and they can be made for either single-story or multi-story homes.


Central AC used to rely on freon to treat outdoor air before bringing it into the house, but this environmentally unfriendly material has been banned due to its negative effects on our Earth. Larger homes will likely need a more traditional duct-style cooling strategy, but homeowners can rest assured that they won’t be using up this destructive chemical.

Top Brands

As you browse through the many, many units available, recommends that you keep the following models in mind.

Rheem RA17 (Classic Series)

Rheem hasn’t always enjoyed a stellar reputation in the industry, but the company has stepped up its standards considerably. This unit is two-stage, meaning its compressor runs at different levels of operation. When you need it to crank up the power during the day, it’s ready to go to work. When you don’t need as much energy at night, it kicks the compressor into a lower gear. For the most part, that lower gear is able to handle the cooler nights, which saves energy and keeps you comfortable.

Day & Night N4A7

This brand has focused heavily on matching the same quality standards of top models in the industry without matching the same price tag. The reliability, energy efficiency, and value of the N4A7 are remarkable, making it a great choice to keep you calm and collected when the weather report makes a hard left. The cooling cycles are longer to keep up with the increased demands and the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating can reach as high as 17.

Goodman GSXC18

This brand was purchased by Daikin in the early 2010s, and the transition resulted in a big leap in terms of features and quality. The Goodman GSXC18 is quiet, sturdy, and achieves up to 19 SEER. It comes equipped with ComfortAlert™ diagnostics and ComfortBridge™ technology. These systems monitor your performance and ensure homeowners get the lead time they need to make necessary adjustments or repairs.

Tempstar DLCPRA

The Tempstar DLCPRA is a type of mini-split air conditioner, meaning it’s a combination of a portable and central air conditioner. This heat pump can be moved from room to room but has two separate units — one outside and one indoors. The two units are connected by a line that passes through a tiny hole in the wall. If you need it to cool several rooms in the home, the outdoor unit can be connected to more than one indoor unit. This model is highly energy-efficient, and it’s great for both heating and cooling.


If you’re looking for a window unit that can keep your upstairs bedroom cool as a cucumber, this model features a rotary compressor that puts the SEER rating at just over 12. (That’s a rating 2 points higher than an average model.) If you can get away with fans downstairs but just need a little help when it comes time to rest your head, the right window air conditioner can really be a lifesaver on the hottest nights.

Lennox XC25

This unit has a high HVAC energy rating and is excellent for people who want their nights quiet. The SilentComfort™ of the XC25 promises near silence and the unit was recognized as one of the top Most Efficient ENERGY STAR certified products in 2019. Reducing your greenhouse gas emissions can have a huge impact on not only your home but also your block and wide community.

American Standard Silver 13

Owners of modest homes who want to conserve their budget (while still choosing a leading brand in the HVAC industry) should consider this model. The brand is well known for its reliability, energy-efficiency, and advanced features. These special perks make them particularly good for handling extreme conditions. Most air conditioners can handle days that fall in the acceptable ranges. It’s only when they start getting overworked that something goes wrong. This model may be at the lower range of the brand, but it could be a particularly good choice for a small space.

Ask a Pro

It can be frustrating to search for a new AC. Between the new brands and hyperbolic promises, the options can really start to run together after a while. Before you know it, you’re so frustrated that you end up choosing one by a single factor — the price.

But there are a lot of hidden costs in choosing the wrong air conditioner — whether it’s a simple portable version for a living room or a central AC for an eight-bedroom home. The right unit for you will depend on everything from your square footage to your ideal temperature. Some people want it as low as it can go while others can handle themselves well into the 80s.

When you contact, we give you personalized advice that takes your priorities into account. Plus, we don’t have the same markup as other retailers. You’re getting the top brands in the country for less, and still receiving excellent customer support along the way.

We can provide everything from inspection to installation, streamlining it all so you get value from every penny you spend. Contact us today to find out more about how it works.

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