Best New Air Conditioner Brands

December 16, 2019

Buying an AC unit is a fairly big decision to make. You’ll be investing a lot of money, so you need to ensure you end up with a product that works well, has all the features you want, and is incredibly reliable. If you want to tick everything off your list, then you need to buy air conditioning units from the best brands.

This begs the question; what are the best air conditioner brands out there right now? Here at, we want you to make the most informed decision possible. So, we’ve compiled a list of the top 8 brands to choose from:


Goodman has been a massive name in the HVAC world for many years now. They offer affordable air conditioning units that are packed full of innovative technology. All products made by this brand are done so in factories that are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. This is the highest standard for quality manufacturing – so you know you can trust that they’ll be built to last. Not only that, but the company has a Better Business Bureau A rating, which further boosts their trustability. All of their units are built to last, and this is reflected in the extended warranties on offer. When you buy a Goodman AC unit, you know you’re getting something that’s of premium quality – but at an affordable price.


Tempstar offers a broad range of high-quality air conditioning units that are perfect for all budgets. All of their products are the result of superior engineering and expert manufacturing processes. You can have confidence that your unit will last a long time as they’re all 100% run tested before they made available to the public. Plus, they’re designed with energy efficiency in mind – so, you can save money over time with a more efficient HVAC system!


If you’re looking for a brand with experience, then Heil certainly boasts a lot of it. They’ve been in the industry for over 100 years. Again, all units are 100% run tested, and they’re designed using safe and innovative manufacturing processes. The result is a variety of exceptional AC units that are packed full of unique features. Heil products are built to be quieter than your average AC unit, and they’re highly energy efficient. There’s a reliability with this brand that’s backed up by an amazing no hassle limited warranty on all products.


Mortex is a proud company that’s been manufacturing AC units in the US since 1953. The interesting thing about this brand is that they take care of all the manufacturing processes themselves. This allows them to have full control over the quality, leading to outstanding products for their customers. They operate strict quality control measures at every stage of the manufacturing cycle to ensure that only the best products are released. As a result, you end up with an HVAC system that’s made to last well over 10 years. You get excellent value for money from a trustworthy company that’s backed by decades of experience and is based right here in the USA.

Day and Night

This brand often flies under the radar, but they’re definitely one of the best manufacturers around. By combining traditional ideas with innovative measures, they create AC units that are of the highest quality imaginable. What we love about them is the reliability of all their HVAC systems. They very rarely break, and when you do experience issues, the customer service is terrific. Everyone you come into contact with is eager to help, so you sort out any problems right away. It’s the perfect combination of great products and even better customer support and aftercare.


ICP – or International Comfort Products – stay true to their brand name. They design air conditioning units that are there to make you feel comfortable in your home. This is made possible thanks to world-class manufacturing practices that result in heating and cooling technologies that are hard to rival. A vital feature of the brand is the way they focus on the customer. All their products are designed with you in mind; they take all forms of feedback and use it to develop better A/C units all the time! As a result, you get something that’s built to work in the home and will last a very long time.


Trane is widely regarded as one of the most reliable manufacturers out there. Their lineup of AC units consists of some genuinely modern designs. They look sleek and high-tech, and the energy efficiency of all the products is a hugely beneficial feature. You can also book emergency repairs directly from their website, which is always a bonus if something happens out of the blue. Due to the reliability and modern technology, a Trane AC unit offers unbelievable long-term affordability as it will last for many years.


Revolv manufacturers a plethora of top-quality self contained A/C units. Instantly, there are a few things to love about this brand. For one, they use a special R410 cooling agent – which is proven to be environmentally friendly. So, if you purchase a product from Revolv, you know you’re minimizing your carbon footprint! Plus, they’re very durable and are designed to continue operating at peak efficiency for as long as possible. This is backed by a 5-year parts warranty – so anything that does break can be replaced for free!

So, if you want to buy the best air conditioning unit out there, then it pays to make a purchase from one of these brands. All eight of these options are proven to be trustworthy, experienced, and very reliable. As such, you know you’re buying a product that will work extremely well and offer excellent value for money.

We know that finding the perfect AC unit can be a difficult task. But, that’s why we created our website. Let us help you choose the ideal product for your home, and you will enjoy a brand new AC unit from a trustworthy manufacturer.

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