How to Choose the Best Central AC Unit Brands for Your Budget

May 11, 2020

According to Bob Vila, a quality, well-maintained central air conditioning system should last from about 12 to 17 years. Air conditioners may cost more than typical home appliances. Still, they’re also one of the most important investments in the comfort and air quality of your house. A good HVAC system will keep your home pleasantly cool and help reduce power bills.

By working with us here at, you will get the chance to choose between the best central AC brands at the most competitive prices. Even though you purchase online, we’ll also ensure that you buy the right unit for your home and get it professionally installed. Take a few minutes to review the highlights of some of our most budget-friendly HVAC brands.

Finding the Best Central AC Brands for Your Budget

Even though Bob Vila says that manufacturers keep improving the durability of HVAC systems, the amount you use your AC unit will have an impact on its intended lifespan. Particularly in hot climates, as in Arizona or Texas, it won’t pay to skimp on quality to pay a few dollars less. Our efficient business model allows you to save a considerable amount of money on the cost of buying and professionally installing air conditioners, so we can offer you popular, high-quality AC brands for less.

Since many of our customers live in Arizona, Texas, and other states with relatively hot climates, we will focus our budget-friendly AC comparison on models typically suggested for those environmental conditions. Of course, you can expect these systems to also function well under milder conditions. We’ve organized our list by the typical installed prices for HVAC systems; however, prices may also vary because of the size and model of a specific unit. Here at, we make it easy to find the right size and type of AC unit for your house, so you simply need to compare various brands.

Economy Priced Central AC Brands


According to the company’s website, Goodman’s business mission includes providing made-in-USA products that homeowners find reliable and affordable. People who live in hot clients and hope to buy an efficient unit for a modest price should consider this HVAC brand. The company has produced central air conditioning systems for over 30 years and yet still focuses upon innovation.

In fact, they have recently invested $100 million in new manufacturing equipment, demonstrating that they’re ready to maintain their standards for many decades in the future as well. This includes 4.2 million square feet for an ISO 9001- and ISO-14001-certified manufacturing facility.

To clarify:

  • ISO 9001 refers to independent standards for high-quality management and manufacturing processes.
  • ISO 14001 refers to international environmental standards.

The company also has a reputation for standing behind their modestly priced products with excellent warranties.

Day and Night

You will also often see Day and Night suggested as an affordable brand for people who live in warmer climates. HVAC pros often compare Day and Night favorably to many Carrier models, yet these systems typically cost at least 25 percent less than comparable Carrier products. In fact, United Technologies Corporation owns both Carrier and Day and Night.

In addition to Day and Night, UTC also owns Heil, Tempstar, and ICP, three other high-quality, affordable central air conditioning brands we offer. If you don’t see exactly the right size and model offered from Day and Night, you might also check Tempstar, Heil, and ICP products. The company prides itself on run testing every single air conditioner they produce. They also offer a 10-year warranty and pride themselves on developing very quiet systems.


In contrast to the other brands mentioned, Trane has a reputation for extremely high quality but a somewhat more expensive price tag. On the other hand, when you might expect other decent brands to last about 12 years, some AC professionals believe that if you take care of your Trane, you can expect to enjoy 20 years of service. When you factor in the extra expected lifespan, you might actually pay less in long-term costs. Lot of consumers must see it the same way, because Trane generally outsells other central AC brands in the United States.

The company actually offers a wide range of models, so it’s possible to pick and choose features to find a unit that fits your budget. You might consider Trane in particular if you need a more powerful unit because you have more space to cool down. Trane doesn’t always try to compete on price. At the same time, the company has a reputation for low running costs and reliability. You might especially notice the difference between Trane and some other brands if your unit must work harder.

How Saves You Money on High-Quality HVAC Systems

Here at, our unique distribution method allows us to serve our customers very well. At the same time, our efficient business models help us trim overhead, so we can pass our savings directly to our customers. Many of our customers have compared prices and found that we can save them hundreds and even thousands of dollars. We also make it easy to compare a variety of models and brands, so you can make an informed choice.

You can consult our How it Works page for a more detailed overview. This summarizes our process:

  • Basically, you complete a form that tells our system about your home and the kind of air conditioning system that you need.
  • You will also provide us with the area of your home in square feet to help determine the best size of unit.
  • After that, you will have an opportunity to compare various brands and models.
  • Once you choose your new AC unit and complete your purchase, a local, licensed contractor will contact you to schedule a visit to your home

At the time of the first visit, the AC pro will make certain that you chose an appropriate system for your house and if so, schedule the installation date. In some cases, the contractor may consider factors like your home’s energy efficiency, existing connections, or unique environment and suggest a different kind of unit. Occasionally, your local contractor may suggest a larger or smaller unit.

For example, many newer homes have been built with energy efficiency in mind. In other cases, you may have already added extra insulation and sealed drafts to conserve energy. If so, simply judging by square feet might provide you with an AC unit that’s more powerful than you need. You might not know this, but buying an overly large AC unit can be just as inefficient as buying one that’s too small for your home. Anyway, you will have a chance to change your order. This way, we can all make certain that you ordered an efficient and effective unit for your house.

Start Comparing Central AC Online

Get started right now by simply entering your ZIP code. Enjoy the new and better shopping experience today and a more comfortable house soon afterwards. Some customers have their new system completely installed by the next day. You can find the best prices on high-quality HVAC systems and enjoy fast service and rapid installations by local professionals.

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