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What type of home do you have?

Single or Multi-Family Home

A permanent residence.

Manufactured Home

Prefabricated housing that can be relocated after it is built on a concrete slab.

Which type of system are you looking to replace?

Split System

Made up of two units: an outside unit, referred to as the condenser, and an inside unit, usually referred to as the "air handler". Refrigerant lines known as a "lineset" connect these two units.

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Package System

A system that contains both the Condenser and the Air Handler in one "Package". These units sit on the ground or rooftop outside of your home or business.

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Air Handler / Furnace Location



What is your home's heat source?

Electric / Heat Pump

Straight AC units are basic air conditioning. Heat strips are added to give a system the ability to heat in the winter. An electric Heat Pump uses refrigerant to both cool and heat the home.

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Gas Furnace

Gas systems burn natural gas for heat inside a furnace. If you receive a monthly gas bill, chances are you have a gas furnace.

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What size unit would best fit your home?

500-600 sqft

1.5 Tons

700-800 sqft

2 Tons

900-1,000 sqft

2.5 Tons

1,100-1,200 sqft

3 Tons

1,300-1,500 sqft

3.5 Tons

1,600-1,800 sqft

4 Tons

1,900-2,200 sqft

5 Tons