The Benefits of Buying New AC Units Online

March 18, 2018

Buying an air conditioning unit is a significant investment. That is why you need to get the best value available, and you cannot get that if you buy from a retailer. This is why we’ve created Our #1 Goal is to provide consumers, like you, with the best wholesale pricing. Here are some of the benefits of buying AC units from a direct-to-consumer air conditioner wholesaler.

A Wider Range of AC units

The selection offered by Air Conditioner Wholesalers is so much greater than those offered by retailers. With a wholesaler like, you can have access to practically all products from some of the most reputable and trusted manufacturers in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. If you’re looking for leading brands such as Rheem, Tempstar or Heil and Goodman AC units, you can find them here at

Lower AC prices

Retailers buy from wholesalers at a discounted price. Now, you can do the same thing, but as a consumer! When you purchase from, you are essentially eliminating the middleman. You won’t have to buy at marked-up prices anymore.

Buying is easier

When you buy from, you will experience first-hand how easy it is to buy a new air conditioner. In the past, you had to go to a retailer or get quotes from many different contractors to buy an AC unit. With, all you need to do is visit the site, follow the steps we provide, and you will get all the information you need about the cost of a new air conditioner with professional installation and more.

Professional AC installation

At, we only work with only the best licensed, bonded and insured contractors. We have performed stringent background checks on all of them, so you are assured of a professional installation that guarantees excellent performance from your AC unit over the years. Using our licensed contractors to install your new air conditioner also ensures the validity of your manufacturer’s warranty. Other online wholesalers will sell consumers equipment, but then the consumer is back to spending a large amount of time shopping costs for an installation contractor. Many licensed contractors also do not want to work with equipment from outside 3rd party sources.

3 Easy Tips For Buying Central Air Conditioning Units

Are you on the lookout for a good air conditioner sale? Follow these tips to make your AC shopping experience with us even more convenient.

  1. Before anything else, you need to determine the type of central air unit that you need. You first must choose between package and split units, which are set up differently. A package unit is also referred to as an all-in-one unit because the air handler and condenser are put together in one package. Many homeowners choose package units because it can be mounted on the roof or the ground. A split system, on the other hand, has separate units for its air handler and condenser which are connected by a refrigeration line, commonly located in the attic or closet.
  2. The next step is to decide on the heat source that you want for your home. Some require gas as a source of heat, which means they use a furnace for a heating system. Others choose electricity, which are fully reversible refrigeration systems that heat or cool a room by extracting heat and transferring it to another area. Electric systems are either AC with heat strips or heat pumps.
  3. After defining a type of unit and a heat source, the final step before you buy a central air conditioning system is to find the air conditioning tonnage you need for your home.

Now don’t get confused by the phrase “air conditioning tonnage,” because it doesn’t have anything to do with the weight of your AC unit. In the HVAC industry, the term “ton” is used to describe the amount of heat an air conditioning unit can remove from your home in one hour. Using the British thermal unit (BTU) as a measurement for heat, one ton of air conditioning can remove 12,000 BTUs of air per hour. That means a 2 ton AC unit removes 24,000 BTUs of air per hour; a 3 ton AC unit, 36,000; and a 4 ton AC unit, 48,000, and so on. To easily know which size AC is appropriate for your home, all you need to know is its square footage.

Once you’ve determined the air conditioning tonnage your home needs, you can then shop for the best AC for your home. Purchasing with means having a wide variety of air conditioning units available at the best possible price.

Goodman Air Conditioner

Some of the best central air conditioning units on the market today are manufactured by Goodman. All Goodman AC units products are made of highly durable materials and are manufactured with an eye toward energy efficiency. A Goodman air conditioner also tends to be on the more affordable side of things, making it a popular choice among homeowners seeking home comfort solutions.

One standout product from the line of Goodman AC units is the GSXC18/DSXC18. It features a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) performance rating of up to 18, which makes it very efficient, and that means huge energy savings for you. As with all of the other Goodman AC Units, the GSXC18/DSXC18 comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty for its compressor. So if the compressor of your Goodman air conditioner stops working, the warranty assures that Goodman will replace it with a new one. A 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty covers the functional parts of all Goodman AC Units.

Goodman Heat Pumps

If you are looking for what many refer to as a “reverse air conditioner” in the winter, you may want to check out our Goodman Heat Pumps. Whether you’re looking for a 2.5-ton unit or a huge 5-ton unit, we have them all in stock ready to purchase. Explore our site and see which of the Goodman Heat Pumps that we have to offer, meet your requirements.

Rheem Air Conditioner

You can count on every single Rheem air conditioner to perform reliably—with proper maintenance—for 15 to 20 years. Rheem takes a lot of pride in that reputation which it has built over the years. While the air conditioners manufactured by Rheem typically have lower SEER ratings than some of its competitors, they can still compete with most brands in the efficiency department. In fact, the Prestige Series RA20, the most efficient Rheem air conditioner in its arsenal, is competitive efficiency-wise with Carrier and other top home AC units in the market today. You might also want to check our site for Rheem heat pumps for sale, which come in handy for all seasons.

Tempstar Air Conditioners

Tempstar offers some of the most dependable and innovative home comfort products today. They also have highly efficient units like the Deluxe 19 Air Conditioner With SmartSense TVA9 which reaches up to 19 SEER. Tempstar takes pride in the Observer® communicating control with Wi-Fi® capability of most of their units. With the Observer®, you can control your AC system from just about anywhere using a computer or mobile device that’s connected to the Internet.

Heil AC Units

While Heil is one of the more affordable brands out there, it doesn’t compromise the quality of its products in any way. Heil provides high efficiency, Energy Star rated air conditioners like the QuietComfort Deluxe Series. The Deluxe Air Conditioner with SmartSense HVA9 has 19 SEER rating. It is also incredibly quiet at 56 decibels.

How to keep your AC running smoothly

The road to a refreshingly cool or a comfortably warm home does not end with an air conditioner sale. Purchasing an AC unit is just the beginning. As it is expected to run for many years, your air conditioner, once installed, is bound to run into some issues throughout its life. While it provides you and your family the home comfort that you need, you are also expected to be responsible for its upkeep.

Unfortunately, most of us just forget about our air conditioner as long as it’s working well. We only do something about it when things go south.

Your air conditioner will always need your attention and care. Here are some tips that should help you keep your AC running smoothly over the years.

Keep your air conditioner clean

Keeping your AC unit clean is not just for the sake of cleanliness or keeping things sanitary and bright. It’s also about energy efficiency. As dirt accumulates inside, your air conditioner will have to work harder to take in air. An AC unit doing more work always translates to higher energy consumption. That’s why it’s important that you periodically check the air intake for dust and debris. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning and changing your filters. Your outside unit could get incredibly filthy as well. While you can easily clean and replace the air filters yourself, we recommend getting an air conditioning professional to clean the outside unit.

Straighten bent condenser fins

Over time, the condenser fins your AC unit may get bent for a variety of reasons. You need to check on your condenser regularly for bent fins. If you find some, use a fin comb, which you can buy from your neighborhood hardware store, to straighten them out. For safety reasons, turn off the power to the unit before straightening the bent condenser fins.

Set a regular professional maintenance schedule

There’s regular maintenance work that you can do like cleaning and replacing air filters, and then there’s maintenance work that only qualified AC technicians can perform. Among the more complicated tasks maintenance that you should leave entirely to air conditioning professionals are:

  • Testing for refrigerant leaks with the use of a leak detector
  • Measuring airflow through the evaporator coil
  • Checking if your AC has the correct amount of refrigerant
  • Inspecting electric terminals and making sure connections are tight and clean
  • Oiling motors
  • Checking belts for tightness and wear
  • Checking for any leakage in the ducts and sealing them

Cleaning the condenser coil and flushing the condensate drain line

Why is regular maintenance work for your AC unit important?

For one thing, regular maintenance checks mean less emergency repairs. If you have your air conditioner inspected regularly, it becomes less likely for your AC to break down when you need it the most.

A well-maintained unit is also a more efficient unit. Your AC won’t have to work so hard to keep your family cool or warm, and that means more energy savings.

Regular maintenance checks also extend the life of your AC unit. With all the money you spent on that air conditioner sale, you naturally would want your unit to last long. That is what proper, professional HVAC maintenance can do. The better you maintain your AC unit, the longer it will be able to provide your family’s cooling and heating needs.

Most importantly, indoor air quality will also be so much better with proper AC maintenance. You certainly wouldn’t want breathing air from a dirty, poorly-maintained AC, because it’s a breeding ground for dirt, mold, and bacteria, all of which could cause a variety of health problems for you and your family.

Your air conditioner is one of the most important appliances you could ever have in your home. The benefits it provides are manifold. With its filters, it improves the air quality inside your home, for one thing. It helps you sleep better during extreme weather conditions, for another. It also protects your other appliances from overheating. Without a doubt, the air conditioner is a life saver, figuratively and literally. It deserves all the care and attention that it could get from you.

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