How To Pick a Good HVAC Contractor

March 8, 2018

Finding a good HVAC contractor these days is almost always tricky with a number of handymen with nothing more than a truck with a sticker having the gall to offer HVAC services. The reality is, most wouldn’t want these entry-level contractors like this to install your new AC unit or perform maintenance on your existing air conditioner. But how can you tell? Here are some tips to help you pick the right HVAC contractor.

Always check for a license

Legitimate HVAC contractors have a license which they acquire after passing tests on a wide range of HVAC areas, from manipulating gas lines to piping. If you get your HVAC concerns addressed by a licensed contractor, you get protection from liability issues, among other things. So always verify they have a contractor’s license before hiring someone to install or fix your AC. A qualified HVAC contractor should list their license number on their business cards and on their website.

Once you have their license number, do a little more research afterward, like checking your State’s Contractor License records to make sure that contractor’s license is current and free from disputes. It would also be a good idea to Google that contractor and find out if there are any negative articles about his business.

Ask for referrals

Ask your friends or family if they have a good HVAC contractor they have had a good experience with that they would recommend. These referrals will ensure that the air conditioning job you have have a need for will have the best possible results.

Inquire about the warranty they provide

Licensed contractors usually offer a workmanship warranty on their work. You need to clarify what sort of warranty he’s providing. You need to know ahead of time what that warranty covers, how long its duration will be, and if that warranty is transferable to other people. All these and any limitations should be spelled out clearly.

Ask your Contractor if they will perform a home evaluation before giving estimates

A good HVAC contractor will always evaluate a home before they give you any cost estimates. By surveying your home, they will be able to determine what air conditioning tonnage your place requires, or if your air ducts are working perfectly fine. A home evaluation will also take into consideration your existing electrical wiring and the insulation of your home, among other things before making recommendations. Also, never trust an HVAC contractor who gives you an estimate over the phone. All he will probably do is give you a low initial estimate, then jack it up for one reason or another the moment he comes over to check your home.

Ask if they would clean up when they finish the job

One thing about contractors across all fields is that many of them make a mess while doing their work, and just leave everything once they’re through with the work. HVAC installation can create one such mess, and you have to make sure that the HVAC contractor you’re about to hire cleans up after himself. If he gives you no such guarantees, move on to the next HVAC contractor on your list.

Make sure they will check on your AC after installation

Some contractors just install the AC unit and leave without any assurance they will come back to check on the quality of their work. So many things could go wrong during HVAC installation, and even licensed air conditioning experts make mistakes. A visit to make sure the air conditioner is running smoothly after installation is a must for any HVAC contractor. Ask your contractor if they will do a maintenance check for you. Avoid those who don’t provide this kind of service. An HVAC system is a huge investment, and it’s only right that it should be handled exclusively by qualified contractors. In all honesty, the services of good HVAC contractors may not come cheap, but it is the best and only way to protect the investment you have made in your air conditioning system.