Don’t Let AC Costs Rise Alongside Temps: Pros of a New AC Unit

March 26, 2020

In the next few months, the temperatures are only going in one direction, but you have to be careful not to let your AC costs do the same. If you live in Phoenix, you already know just how brutal the never-ending heat can be, so now is a good time to prepare yourself for the summer (and Indian summer) swelter that is inevitable in your neck of the woods.

There are several reasons to consider buying a new AC unit, especially if yours has been on the fritz for a while. wants you to have all the facts in front of you, so you can be as comfortable as possible without sacrificing your wallet in return.

The Cost of Energy

According to, about 5% of all electricity produced in the country goes toward air conditioning or a translated cost of $11 billion a year. If everyone went out today and bought an energy-efficient unit, the nation could potentially cut those costs downs by up to 40%. That’s a translated savings of $4.4 billion per year. And while you may not see billions go back into your own pocket, think about how much a 40% reduction on AC costs would be over even the course of a few years.

A central air conditioning unit will start to slow down past 10 years old, otherwise known as its mid-life point. But even if your unit isn’t quite a decade old, you can potentially save enough to cover the cost of a unit (all while giving the environment a friendly nod at the same time).

Plus, it’s not just the cost of your utility bills you have to consider, it’s also the costs of what you use to run your unit. If your air conditioner still relies on Freon, we’d like to remind you that this fuel is slowly being eliminated nationwide thanks to new laws from the EPA. Due to the relative scarcity, the costs of Freon have been growing ever higher. It makes more sense to replace your unit than to stand by and worry if and when Freon will no longer be available to you.

The Cost of Repairs

What happens when your air conditioning unit begins to hit its limits? It starts to shut down and its components start to wear out. No matter how well-made the original appliance was, it can only be pushed to the brink so many times. And considering just how hot Phoenix can get, it’s likely that your air conditioning was working overtime nearly every hour of the day when you were knee-deep in the summer months.

To make matters worse, it’s all too easy to ignore a malfunctioning air conditioner because you’re afraid of what the repair costs will be. But far from those odd noises fixing themselves while you sleep, the problem will only get worse until you’ve reached out to a professional. And if you do decide to save the costs of a handyman in favor of doing it yourself, just be aware that countless property owners have inadvertently made the problem more severe by tinkering around with the innards of the unit.

The Cost of Your Health

A functional air conditioner can save people from the many symptoms of hyperthermia, including heatstroke, cramps, and rashes. But as good as a new air conditioner can be, an old one can open people up to new ailments. Considering you’ll be breathing the air in your home for hours on end, you need to consider what a unit can do for your respiratory system.

If your air becomes contaminated, it can lead to breathing problems for everyone on the property. It can also increase the risk of everything from headaches to fatigue. While certain age groups may be more at risk than others, clean air is necessary for everyone to stay healthy. If a chronic condition does develop, the costs of seeing the doctor can easily become far more expensive than the costs of replacing a unit.

The Cost of Discomfort

There are plenty of homes, retail spots, and offices that keep the air conditioning running at full blast. Yet no matter how high they crank up the knobs, the space is still uncomfortable for most people. Maybe the air has an odd smell to it because it’s stale, or perhaps it’s simply still too hot to really relax in.

The cost of discomfort can manifest in a number of ways for different people. Maybe you lose sleep due to tossing and turning at night, or maybe you’re just not as focused as you could be. All those little stresses that pop up when you live in discomfort can ultimately decrease your productivity over the course of the season. And even if the air isn’t contaminated, the internalized frustration can still have an effect on your health.

Tips for Choosing a New AC Unit

Experts recommend checking out the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating. If you’re looking for savings on your utility bills, the rule is the higher, the better. You should be aiming for at least 15 or more, though the minimum for all units made after 2016 is 14. It’s not unusual to see older units with a SEER rating of 6 to 10, a clear sign that you’re giving far too much money to your utility company.

Ideally, you’re looking for a reasonably priced unit that works better than your old unit and costs less in power. And thankfully, this ideal solution can be a reality when you work with the right air conditioner wholesaler. At, you can purchase HVAC appliances from some of the most trusted names in the industry, including Goodman and Day & Night. Instead of buying from a retailer that has ratcheted up the price, you’re cutting out the middleman for a sizable chunk of savings in return.

When you shop with us, you have an easy way to filter down your choices based on the size of your property and your individual needs. You can peruse our recommendations before making a final decision on your unit. Once you’ve placed your order, your installation contractor will reach out to you to schedule an inspection and install date. Just imagine how much you’ll be getting in return when you finally have an AC unit that you can count on.