5 Things You Should Know About Day and Night AC Units  

October 16, 2020

When you’re thinking about replacing your air conditioning system, you might wonder about the cost and advantages of Day and Night AC Units. Having a guide to help you choose the right product would be great, especially since there’s so much information out there. How do you know when a brand and its units are the right ones for you?

If you want it laid out simply so you can make a quick decision, you’ve come to the right place. At newACunit.com, we do more than just help you find an AC unit and have it professionally installed. We also make it easy to sort through the details.

1. What Can I Expect from Day and Night AC Units?

Day and Night offers a range of AC units, mostly aimed at a balance of affordability and performance. Its Ion System Air Conditioners are the top of the company’s lines, with operation as low as 56 decibels and efficiency up to 19 SEER. For something that suits homeowners with tight budgets, the Performance Series features reasonable efficiency at a price you’ll find competitive or even better than other brands. This series even has models for small homes or installation in tight spaces.

One of the best advantages of Day and Night is the company’s outstanding warranties. We at newACunit.com know that you’re concerned with your investment, which is why we think the warranty is worth a mention. Almost all models get a 10-year limited warranty, which is one of the longest in the business.

On the higher-end models, you can get what they call a “No Hassle Replacement.” For up to 10 years depending on the product, you can replace the unit if one of the big parts fails, like the compressor. For a year or two, this might not be that impressive. A well-built system isn’t likely to break that bad so quickly. After the 5-year mark? A warranty like that could save you thousands. You’ll pay more for it, but it might be well worth the investment.

2. How Does Day and Night compare to other brands?

When you see all the different HVAC brands, you should know that many of them are made by the same parent company. For example, the well-known AC brand Carrier bought Bryant and Day and Night in the 1950s. The Day and Night brand was discontinued in the 1990s and brought back in 2010.

Day and Night is a part of International Comfort Products Corporation, which is owned by Carrier along with a bunch of other brands. So if you notice a few similarities between Day and Night and Carrier AC units, you’re not making a mistake. Some of them are exactly the same.

So, what’s the difference between Day and Night and other brands? It’s designed to provide competitive air conditioning units at a moderate price. In other words, you’ll get a solid system with that awesome warranty, and you might pay less for it than you would for another brand’s similar product.

3. How Much Do Day and Night Air Conditioners Cost?

The price of a Day and Night AC unit depends on a few different factors:

  • Speed: Variable, two-stage or single-stage
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER): 19 (highest) to 13 (lowest)
  • Unit Size
  • Additional features, like quiet operation

Most Day and Night models offer single-stage operation. Single-stage means that the air conditioner is on or it’s off. Some options have two stages, which means that they can operate in a high or low position. Variable-speed modes give your system the ability to adjust the temperature slightly, with just the right speed to make it happen. Only the most expensive Day and Night models offer this function.

SEER ratings range from 13, which is the absolute minimum for new air conditioners, to 26. This rating refers to the unit’s efficiency. Higher numbers mean that you’ll spend less money on your energy bills to get the same amount of cooling. Day and Night’s models cap at 19 SEER. In a place with boiling hot summers like Phoenix, higher is usually better. Just remember that you’ll pay more for the products with the best ratings.

Keep in mind that when you search for prices online, you might be getting an estimate for the unit, or the unit plus installation. It’s important to distinguish the two because there can be a fairly significant difference. As a general rule, you should expect to pay at least $2,000 for most AC units with installation. Higher-end Day and Night models can run up to $6,000 or more installed.

4. When Should I Consider Buying a Day and Night AC Unit?

Once you start to narrow down the list of options, it’s time to choose a brand. Day and Night may be a good fit for you if:

  • You’re looking for an AC unit that cools well but doesn’t break the bank.
  • You don’t need the absolute highest efficiency.
  • You want the assurance of a great warranty.

For this brand, you’re less likely to get something that has the newest, flashiest technology. In return, you get the advantages of solid construction backed by excellent customer service.

5. Can I buy a Day and Night AC and install it myself?

If you’re trying to stick to a very small budget, it’s tempting to make the mistake of buying an AC unit to install yourself. For most manufacturers, that’s a quick way to void the warranty because installing air conditioning is a lot more difficult than it looks. If it breaks during installation, it will cost you big to fix or replace.

At newACunit.com, we know that hiring a professional contractor to install your unit is the best way to ensure that it will run well for years to come. We structure our process to give you an ideal selection of AC units that will meet your needs and make it easy for you to choose the one you prefer. On an investment this big, you’re much better off letting a contractor take care of it than searching for an online guide and hoping for the best.

If you’re ready to find out more about Day and Night AC units or see how they might work for your home, it’s time to visit newACunit.com. We’re happy to guide you through the process and select an AC unit you’ll be delighted to have every year.

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